Adult Performance Training

Our Adult Performance Training represents the ultimate health and fitness solution for everyone. This class is a total body training program designed to give people all the tools you need to live happier, healthier and in-balance.


Regardless of your fitness level, emphasis is placed on exercising safely, having fun, and completing the challenge. This unique training program along with a proven weight loss plan is the most comprehensive, educational and uplifting mental and physical exercise program you will ever encounter!

Adult Performance Location

Adult Performance classes are only available at CTSP Academy located at 1800 Elite Drive in Louisville right off Old Henry Rd.

Registration is required for all Adult Performance sessions!
Call (502) 472-7202 to reserve your spot today.



Training Philosophy

A lot of facilites can make you faster and stronger, but that won't help you perform when the pressure is on. CTSP teaches our athletes...

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Adult Performance Class

Our Adult Performance Class is a motivating and intense workout that will make you feel empowered. We make unbelievers into believers!

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CTSP Video Gallery

Check out the CTSP Video Gallery for the latest videos of our clients training.

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